Friday, February 22, 2013

The Victory

I'm holding on by one small thread.
Where to go? Where's the end?
It's like blind lead the blind, no foresight. What's behind?
Your living in the now, but do you even know what you have?
What's in your hands? Who holds your heart?
The places you've been to have all played a part, 
In bringing together you and me. 
The people we are, the people we'll be.
I'm ready to leave without tears in my eyes.
This is forever, but its not goodbye.
You always will hold a place in my heart.
The aches and joys are all apart. 
Apart- like we are, for I've cut the tie, or rather let go....
I'm ready to fly!
I've seen where you've helped me,
Where you've held me back.
Now it is my turn to find where I'm at.
I'll do the searching, each battle I'll fight,
Alone in the victory- with vigor and might!
So here's to our future, the past, the fall,
To living our life, while loving our all.

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