Tuesday, April 23, 2013


don't say again where we can be- 
how we should be
 why we cant be, 
cant we just be? 
what about the energy 
we possess  
creeping in 
taking over 
over flowing 
river beds 
rainclouds over head
water fall
going going going 
on and on 
 there is no stopping it...

Friday, April 19, 2013

A Tribute to Meow

I snuffed hay dust for the first time 
With my best friend
We giggled
and tried to muffle our noise
with Hen's soft clucking
It made me feel funny.
I heard Mama talking last night
She's worried about me growing up
Said the ducks are a bad influence 
But I don't think I'll ever
jump in mud puddles.

I met a cute boy... 
...he winked at me
I found out later his name is Tommy.
I can't help but purr  
When I think of him
He is  a little older than me
and already in college... 
I think he's studying mouse anatomy.
He might even be seeing someone
But I'm not sure.

It's warm out today
I think I'm going to nap..
 Mama will bring home sparrow for dinner, 
she said I'm old enough to 
get my own dinner
But under her grouchy attitude 
she really does 
love me
And still likes to treat me like a
kid- I don't mind. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Book Character One

Amielle is average in body type, 5' 4" not heavyset or thin, but carries a healthy amount of muscle and fat.
She has a round face, a light complexion with ruddy cheeks, large green eyes with long lashes, long dark violet brown hair (though straight she often put waves or curls in it), dark eyebrows. 
She is very opinionated. A staunch feminist, she reveals this only in occasions where femininity is threatened.
She works as a baker at a small heath food store and as a waitress at a quaint middle eastern restaurant.    She is very confident, because of this her performance at work often exceeds that of her colleagues sprouting jealousy in them. She internalizes everything. At the end of every work day she goes under a bridge on the edge of the river and takes a large rock, slamming it into the cement wall... this is her form of release to all pent up emotions, anger, hurt, stress. 
She is a musician, plays guitar, and sings. She also writes and dances. She takes dance classes twice a week at a local studio. Running is another favorite past time. She loves to recognized by people around her, but is most comfortable in solitude, keeping to herself most of the time. She is also very outgoing when she wants to be, full of energy. She respects everyone for where they are in life, but likes eavesdropping and judging as a sport.  She is shy, and though she is aware of her physical beauty tends to feel unattractive when it comes to relationships- comparing herself with others. She feels pain very deeply, both for herself and others. She will degrade herself easily for the better of another. She gives, caring little of her own needs. She pretends to be calm and composed most times. Her temper is worse than you can imagine though and when she does release it, it is with passion and furry. She can be very cold about certain situations. She is easily hurt. Though emotional, she covers this with an authoritative attitude. To those that view her from a street perceptive see her as a happy, beautiful, and carefree. Beneath the layers of internal problems this is how she views herself. 
She takes comfort in nature. Enveloped in the embrace of a tree, caressed by sunshine, tousled by the wind, tickled by raindrops, her joyous laugh carried through the atmosphere will bring cheer to all in hearing distance. Her smile is a rainbow, shedding light on dark situations. Her eyes are indeed the window to her soul- deep and full of thought, often sparkling with mischievousness. She is generally loved by all. 
When given the opportunity for friendships, she takes it seriously with caution, making it difficult for her to have casual friends. The few friendships she posses (and she does think of them as a possession) are very important to her. Not someone with much, what she does own is either very dear to her or of little importance- something she will either protect with care or easily throw out the door. She wonders if she has a personality unknown to her- a dark side. An evil. She feels it inside her and fears it will burst out uncontrolled, harming her loved ones and herself.  Her appearance is important to her, giving her a security of her being a normal human being. Her personal space is something she prefers tidy, but not a priority of hers. A romantic relationship is a desire of hers but she is very particular when it comes to men. She will scrutinize their appearance from the top of their hair style to the bottom of their shoes, from their laugh to the way they approach her. She will judge each of these, forgetting in the moment that we all are after all, human- damnit

Friday, April 5, 2013

...a song...

Would you please, Could you please
Come take a walk with me?
Don't have to do much Don't have to say much
Just maybe climb a tree, or skip a couple rocks
Tumble in the grass, give a somersault back
To the hills from last time

I spy something red, 
What, what'd you say? 
It's a woodpeckers head,
Peck pecking away!
Peck, peck, peck,
peck pecking away!

Now the suns going down and the worms
Are coming out just wigglin'
and squigglin' 
and dancing all about...
You know they're happy from the fresh rainfall
It's time to have a worm ball!

Would it be too much to take your hand
Could I have this dance?
Each new starlight like pools reflect your eyes
I'm not surprised when our lips meet...


Would you please, Could you please
Come take a walk with me?
Don't have to do much Don't have to say much
Just maybe climb a tree, or skip a couple rocks
Tumble in the grass, give a somersault back
To the hills from last time

I spy something blue,
Its the morning light on you...

Would you please, Could you please
Come take a walk with me?

Tumble in the grass, give a somersault back
To the hills from last time

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

This is called dicks.

Another day, another time. Another place? Oh course not. I'm stuck here in this city, in this cage of buildings. A circle to run in, working to live to work! I'm just a speck in this place, there are so many of us here. To be happy, oh well that's a feeling we don't know anything about here. Wait, I take that back. Those old bald white guy in churches? They're happy, but that's just because they are Hollywood actors and they have to be. Ha bet a bear is going to come busting out of nowhere and tear my eyes about for mentioning their lack of hair... that's what they teach in churches. No, I'm not joking, don't you read your bibles? Look it up if you don't believe me in II Kings chapter two verse twenty three. I don't know about you but I'd prefer studying Peter Rabbit and Dr. Seuss. That's why I always hung out in the nursery when I went to church with my parents, there are morals to those stories too. I don't get why people take their kids to church and then just screw them over in the end. They're all like, I love you so much honey that I want you to have the best life and hear all about hell so that way you are so scared that you will never do anything bad, only that's not true because it hasn't worked on any of us anyways haha and heaven? Yeah we just don't talk about that because it's not real any way. Like the other day, there was this little girl that didn't want to get in the car and her mom is all like, you need to obey me and the girl is all like no fucking way i won't obey you I wouldn't obey her either she didn't look like much of a mom because she had so much makeup on but then the mom said I'll give you a sucker if you get in the car. So the girl did. The mom was all like haha your're going to die now little girl because suckers are bad for you. And I was all like, who's going to hell now?
But I'm kind of getting off topic here...
My point is, I'm alive here. Yeah that's a fucking point, don't judge me. I can feel you judging me, so stop. Yeah, you didn't stop, but you can't make people stop ever about anything. Why is that? So you can't ever make people stop but then when something happens that they don't like they automatically blame you for making them do it. People are so fucking stupid. That's why I'm glad I'm not a human... I'm not a human? Yeah I'm kidding, just kidding I'm not... Now you don't know what the truth is, so I'll tell you because I'm nice like that, I'm kidding about not kidding that I'm not kidding about kidding. Feel better? I don't either. I think I'm going to puke like I'm on a mind roller coaster. No but really, just watch a couple people how the act with each other. I'm going to just briefly describe the people around me. I am going to start with this one guy because he seems like he's going to leave. you know that antsy sort of vibe people give off and you can't tell if they are running from the law or just have scabies or something. maybe they have a mosquito bite in their asshole. I can't imagine what kind of mosquito would go up an asshole anyway, like the blood down there can't be that great because anything that goes into your ass goes right into your blood stream, that's why people who don't ever poop are just gross. And that's why gay people are dicks, and that's why I'm for gay rights because I think dicks are great (that's also why I'm not a lesbian). Now this girl comes up to the guy I'm talking about. She's a typical blond bitch with a hot pink shirt on that says PINK on it in really bold black letters and her purse is clear...it's like a chic style purse but it's clear... you can see right into it just like you can see into her mind sex, sex sex, sex, sex, sex. It's like she's like check out my bag bitches it's cleaner than your's because it's clearer than your's, you wouldn't want anybody to see into your bag, you probably have used condoms in there and a toothbrush or something. She probably wishes her wallet was clear too so we could all see the hundred dollar bills she stole from her forty year old sexy ex-husband. She's making those pathetic puppy eyes that make guys fall into your vagina, and the guy is all like... oh my gawd I'm not antsy anymore, you can itch my asshole any day with your eyeballs.
Now there is this table right behind them and the girl is probably in her first year of college. She's taking it really serious too, all like, I'm going to come sit at a coffee shop with tea because it's more expensive than coffee but still cheap and I'm going to just study because I actually want to go somewhere with my life.  What she doesn't know is that she will probably drop out in her last year because college doesn't matter anyway and you learn way more with out it. Or maybe she will graduate so her Grandpa can be so proud of her on his deathbed and her parents can have a reason to get out of theirs and she will grow up to be one of those really smart people that pronounce people as dead or a school teacher or something, but school teachers pronounce people dead every day anyway so it doesn't really matter what you become is my point, you do the same thing no matter what.
It seems like we are covering every age of people here, got the late twenties horny couple, the young college student and... to my right, a little trio of forty somethings. Oh and do they think they are sexy, and funny as hell too. I fucking hate people in their forties. They are all like, oh we aren't fifty yet, it's all good we are still young, they they are freaking the fuck out on every corner like what is wrong with my eyes, why can't I see like I used to? It's like they should just be grandparents already the way they talk about it. But they are all like cuddled together and on the couch and they have really dark faces because they got it good and go to Florida while their two kids are back at home with their grandparents eating keebler cookies and milk that expired yesterday. But they'll live, we all have been there. Then those are the kids that their parents take to church and they don't say anything about drunken Friday night threesomes, God hates threesome because we are only supposed to fuck that one person we are married to. And the one person we marry is always that ugly douchbag with a really small penis and doesn't know how to use it so we just get divorced anyway, and start hating God because he made us marry that douchbag and that's how we fuck our children over. So why not just have threesomes and make everybody happy? And that's how even more babies are made, from threesomes because nobody has condoms because we all have clear purses and we can't see where we are standing anyway because our eyes are going, who cares if it is on the street corner? The cop that came to arrest us started masturbating instead because he hadn't seen that much action since his divorce twenty years ago, and it's not like there is any kids out there that will get scarred because they are all in the churches anyway. It's all good, we will always have the good people and the people who like sex so we will always have people, just maybe a few more of the ones that like sex and that's why the good people get to be good because there's less of them and that makes everything better. That's why guys think their dicks are better than they really are. Dicks.

this makes sense?

How does time fly like
a ruby on the blackbird's wing?
 sign of spring
time lapse umbrellas
 to cover pictures undone
 Cassiopeia's portrait 
   hung in the western sky 
 I can't help but wonder
How does time fly?