Friday, April 19, 2013

A Tribute to Meow

I snuffed hay dust for the first time 
With my best friend
We giggled
and tried to muffle our noise
with Hen's soft clucking
It made me feel funny.
I heard Mama talking last night
She's worried about me growing up
Said the ducks are a bad influence 
But I don't think I'll ever
jump in mud puddles.

I met a cute boy... 
...he winked at me
I found out later his name is Tommy.
I can't help but purr  
When I think of him
He is  a little older than me
and already in college... 
I think he's studying mouse anatomy.
He might even be seeing someone
But I'm not sure.

It's warm out today
I think I'm going to nap..
 Mama will bring home sparrow for dinner, 
she said I'm old enough to 
get my own dinner
But under her grouchy attitude 
she really does 
love me
And still likes to treat me like a
kid- I don't mind. 

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