Saturday, April 13, 2013

Book Character One

Amielle is average in body type, 5' 4" not heavyset or thin, but carries a healthy amount of muscle and fat.
She has a round face, a light complexion with ruddy cheeks, large green eyes with long lashes, long dark violet brown hair (though straight she often put waves or curls in it), dark eyebrows. 
She is very opinionated. A staunch feminist, she reveals this only in occasions where femininity is threatened.
She works as a baker at a small heath food store and as a waitress at a quaint middle eastern restaurant.    She is very confident, because of this her performance at work often exceeds that of her colleagues sprouting jealousy in them. She internalizes everything. At the end of every work day she goes under a bridge on the edge of the river and takes a large rock, slamming it into the cement wall... this is her form of release to all pent up emotions, anger, hurt, stress. 
She is a musician, plays guitar, and sings. She also writes and dances. She takes dance classes twice a week at a local studio. Running is another favorite past time. She loves to recognized by people around her, but is most comfortable in solitude, keeping to herself most of the time. She is also very outgoing when she wants to be, full of energy. She respects everyone for where they are in life, but likes eavesdropping and judging as a sport.  She is shy, and though she is aware of her physical beauty tends to feel unattractive when it comes to relationships- comparing herself with others. She feels pain very deeply, both for herself and others. She will degrade herself easily for the better of another. She gives, caring little of her own needs. She pretends to be calm and composed most times. Her temper is worse than you can imagine though and when she does release it, it is with passion and furry. She can be very cold about certain situations. She is easily hurt. Though emotional, she covers this with an authoritative attitude. To those that view her from a street perceptive see her as a happy, beautiful, and carefree. Beneath the layers of internal problems this is how she views herself. 
She takes comfort in nature. Enveloped in the embrace of a tree, caressed by sunshine, tousled by the wind, tickled by raindrops, her joyous laugh carried through the atmosphere will bring cheer to all in hearing distance. Her smile is a rainbow, shedding light on dark situations. Her eyes are indeed the window to her soul- deep and full of thought, often sparkling with mischievousness. She is generally loved by all. 
When given the opportunity for friendships, she takes it seriously with caution, making it difficult for her to have casual friends. The few friendships she posses (and she does think of them as a possession) are very important to her. Not someone with much, what she does own is either very dear to her or of little importance- something she will either protect with care or easily throw out the door. She wonders if she has a personality unknown to her- a dark side. An evil. She feels it inside her and fears it will burst out uncontrolled, harming her loved ones and herself.  Her appearance is important to her, giving her a security of her being a normal human being. Her personal space is something she prefers tidy, but not a priority of hers. A romantic relationship is a desire of hers but she is very particular when it comes to men. She will scrutinize their appearance from the top of their hair style to the bottom of their shoes, from their laugh to the way they approach her. She will judge each of these, forgetting in the moment that we all are after all, human- damnit

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