Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Eternal Existence

Traveling down a road
 with no where to go
 just fulfilling my time 
with the purpose in mind 
to face any challenge 
thrown in my path
on the throne 
deep in the night
full of might 
I fight with love
giving and showing 
what we're about 
to bring out
 the smiles
 in every child
 screens disappear 
as we become
 the new media 
casting aside the fear
of dying
bad guy heroes
now history
into the mist 
far away in the sky
learn to fly 
like the blackbird 
ruby on the wing 
shining like
engaged to situations
unimaginable to the 
human mind
time goes by 
like a time traveler 
taking you
to places
only spiritual beings 
have been and 
your eyes 
are opened to worlds unknown
to anybody. 
Who is below
or above 
isn't relevant anymore,
because there is no
depth or distance
no way to measure
what is existence?
are we just dreaming?
or are dreams
we ask because 
we want reason-
but do we need reason
to be happy?
to live?
to love?
give up your thoughts,
stop thinking-
let the wings of the wind 
carry you
without a worry
or care... 
you don't care 
because you trust 
enough when
in the right mind-set
in a daze 
those days
when you appear
 to be gazing
 into outer space
 spacing out (as 
some may say 
day dreaming) 
but we are actually
 place to place
we are ageless
the beauty of our youth

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