Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Heart Ramblings to no one in particular...

You gave me a the glint in your eye
like a treasure, I held it
close to my soul 
Until the day came you told me
it was fake
My fortune lost, my eyes full
as my heart held pain

Again and again I saw you 
give this treasure away
to fullfil your own heart 
and make life have 
some purpose and place

When I looked in your eyes
the glint was gone
had it even been there all along?
And with each sip of blame 
your level of life was being drained
until the day you looked 
in the mirror-
and saw death instead
You gave it up,
for good you said.

And once again my heart
was vulnerable to the
sunshine on your lips and
I fell deep into the fountain
of your love

But as they do, situations
came into your life
difficult tests 
that you wanted to ace
but you felt yourself failing
in the name of fame
Desperate for change
desire to fit in
you fell
I watched
Unable to provide 
the rung you struggled
to grasp

One day not too long ago
you began to cry
And the clouds were 
washed from your eyes
the world is viewed differently
when you have no disguise

Starting from nothing 
you began to build- again

You lost me once
and hurt me twice
I am now loose from this vice
there is no going back
the love in my heart still runs deep
But I now stand on my own two feet
Moving on
Saying goodbye
wishing you the best forever
and all good things
you will never be forgotten
and never forget
how much I loved you
and that
I still do

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