Friday, July 5, 2013

An Update...Still Ashland Wisconsin

So... it's still the same day to day-- I enjoy this life in a way but I really do miss working.
The position the co-op had open was filled by a couple of their current employees. So... that's crossed out- for now anyway. The bakery said they will get back with me sometime next week. I may just end up picking some berries or something for farmers around here- I dunno. I'm pretty much just taking my days moment by moment...not much else to do!
The other evening Taylor and I were just chilling on the grass in the park where we are staying-- Flora was in town with our friend Rooster. This random guy pulls up to the park and we got to talking... Justin is from Canada and is just taking a road trip for the summer. He ended up setting up camp with us for the night. We had a blast- eating Alpha-getti and sausage sticks and more dumpster candy...playing music, dancing, star gazing, midnight jungle gym climbing and swinging, playing ninja and otter and the fish... It was great.
Flora, Taylor, Myself and Justin-

Flora helped out in a fourth of July parade that was going on- they had a float against some mining shit that's happening?? I dunno- I'm not getting involved with it haha I do love our lakes (which is kinda funny...because Wisconsin people are all freaking out like Oh my god our Lake Superior! And I'm all like it's my fucking lake bitches... I'm from suck my... alright, sorry...) Umm... but yeah I guess it was like a protesting float... they all dressed up like animals and had a theme song and everything- it was awesome! I helped Flora make her coyote costume... we used materials that we found in a thrift store's dumpster... a pillow, shirt and a couple yards of orange fabric!

--Adding fabric strips to the shirt--

--Working on the mask--

 It turned out really nice!

--The finished Coyote costume--

--The head of the parade--

--Flora playing her violin in costume--

--Flora and Crazy Banjo Man--

After the parade we all went swimming... I finally got myself to jump into that crazy brown body of water... It was a little chilly but so worth it!

--Flora and I relaxing in the sun--

--Sharing laughter--

Our friend Rooster is an amazing person... he's super fun to hang out with and takes away the boredom with his talented crazy punk rock songs and guitar skills... Rooster played the lead drum in the parade and was dressed as a pine tree. Flora crocheted some pine cones into his hair!
--Flora and Rooster--

And this my friends, is the beach in Ashland. Woot!

A couple other friends swimming in the bay...

While everyone else was talking in hanging out-- I was just being me and doodling and writing... for fun I wrote this--

Make some more shine
in the way of summer's 
life line it's the time
to be fine and grow
like a vine, follow through
with the rhyme...
Ain't nobody got time for
thyme to
bind us with twine
it's kind to stick together
and dine off the finest
limes, though grimy from
the coffee grounds on 
the grounds in the pines.
Drinking wines out of steins
together we fight the mines
but I'm sitting on my hiney
and I'm getting kind of whiney
It's not yours, it's not mine.
The end. 

Yeeeahhh... it's weird and goofy, full of inside jokes... like fine limes? Yeah.

Taylor has been carving a spoon from a piece of drift wood... it's turning out so nice! I'll have to get a picture of it...

Taylor and I carving...

 We made an amazing meal the other night... Fresh salad with lambs quarters, dandelions and other greens, lentils and rice. Flora and I had a blast "playing house" and setting up the table all pretty haha

And this? Yeah this is our home... this is where we live. Because we crazy. Every few days this is what we do... we clean and organize our car. Fun stuff.
Alright! That's it.... that's whats going on in my life. Love you all!
Peace out!

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