Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Colloquy Between Mossy Face and Ferny Weird

Dear Mossy Face,
   Where is my Green Slime?
Ferny Weird

Dear Ferny Weird,
Use the clues but don't abuse.
You will find your slime in the place you least expect it but where all dreams come true.
Mossy Face

Thank you Mossy Face,
I looked in the mirror and found it.
I did not expect to see Green Slime in the Mirror.
Ferny Weird

P.S. Where is Runny Viscous Substance in All of This?

Ferny Weird,
You are one wise soul. 
You will find Runny Viscous Substance behind the mirror. 
Can you find your way around the mirror? 
Mossy Face

Argh, Ugh, Oh this is horrible. I am now behind the mirror.
A weak monster made of green jelly!
What do I do now Mossy Face.... I want my Runny Viscous Substance: Where is He?

My dear Ferny Weird,
I charge you~
Clean your eyes out with some deep nonsensical literature. You can find this in the hands of an elderly gentleman two doors down from the village's spice merchant. 
Wash your brains with a bit of harsh lye soap that has not fully cured.
Finally, drink the drops of 3 elderberries. 
Mossy Face

Thank You Dear Mossy Face,
I have found the gent you speak of, and shall take your advice promptly
Without surprise, I have found Runny Viscous Substance here with the gent too
Together must bid you dear 
Mossy Face good bye and abide in our sweet dreams.
Ferny Weird

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