Sunday, November 10, 2013

This is my countdown...Day 48

Early fall morning
Ran to work at the crack of rhythmic footsteps matching with the raindrops and steady heartbeats was amazingly beautiful. 

Presenting food
I love it. It makes me feel so satisfied and proud when I arrange food for someone to eat and it looks like a piece of art. Ahhhh!

Meeting and greeting amazing people
Today at Zakey so many people I love came in... Michelle's family, Mama and Grace, Bekah, Shantell and their friend. I also met a great couple that is moving here from France. These things make me so happy! 

Everything always works out
I try not to focus on money. It's not worth my time. But it is something I have to use, and it always works out for me. Everything does. Especially so lately. 

Spent almost two hours of pure goofiness with Harleyo at Brew this evening- it was refreshingly fun. 

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