Tuesday, March 22, 2016

.miss negativity 22.

I'm here again. 

I'm like debri stuck in a water tornado 
A piece of fucking seaweed. 
Up and down, whirling in circles. 
I don't know if I'm in the air or the water, 
My right from my left. 
I don't know. 

All I can do is stay distracted:
"Think about how far you've come, 
set some unrealistic goals. 
Keep reaching, 
eventually you'll win"

I don't know. 

Everyone is selling something to help. 
Try this, try that. 
Vitamins, Shakes, Religion, Work-Out DVDs. 
Prey off my weakness, 
my time $igns tick tocking to nothing. 
My "unrealistic" goals start fading 
As I purchase a new dress. 
Life seems brighter until I treat myself 
To a 0.5 lb burger 
Busting a seam, I bust into tears. 
Damn you, cheese. 

It'll get better, It'll get better. 

Left Swip on my Chase App
And I'm back under water. 
Where does it go??
Fuck my medical bills. 

"They'd be $10 closer to being paid if you didn't buy that dress"

Shut up. 
There's girls out there buying 
$40 socks. 
Im fine. 

(I'm not)

Miss Negativity 22 
Is a tornado. 

"it is not fully understood exactly how tornadoes form, grow and die. 
Tornado researchers are still trying to solve the tornado puzzle, 
but for every piece that seems to fit they often uncover new pieces that need to be studied. "

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