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My name is Hannah Flaugher, I am 19 years old. I currently live in Traverse City Michigan where I moved almost three years ago. I left home at an early age and worked a job at a bed in breakfast in Traverse City. When I was 17 I started a job as a baker at Oryana Natural Foods, the largest co-op in Michigan. I had a lot of experience in baking, as it was a big part of my childhood. 
Hannah Flaugher Fall 2013- Traverse City
I grew up on a small 20 acre organic farm with my parents and five siblings. We grew most of our food, and made everything from scratch. I was not schooled in the traditional way...but I would not change what I learned for anything. I grew up learning how to make natural leavened bread from nothing but flour that we ground from our own grains, water and sea salt, fresh and aged cheeses from our cow's and goats milk, apple wood smoked bacon, maple syrup, and many other delicious foods! Our farm was on the border of miles and miles of thick federal forest. I loved spending time in the forest and learned a lot about wild edible foods, and survival skills. 
Age 16...dyeing wool
As beautiful as my life was, it had it's down sides to... which played a part in me moving into Traverse City and getting a job. Leaving home was probably the most difficult thing I have done in my life so far. I missed the farm animals, the quiet and peace, and my two younger brothers. 
I've adjusted really well to city living haha and I really enjoy this town. I still enjoy going back to the farm for visits when I can- it is about 40 miles away from Traverse City. 
I like adventures.. Last summer I stopped renting at the house I was at, and spent three months camping under whatever tree I could find, bathing in the lakes and washing my clothes in the river. I was able to keep my job through that and it ended up being one of the best experiences I've ever had. 
I love music and have played piano, guitar, mandolin and a bit of violin all my life. I also sing and have been trying to get into songwriting. I love to dance... I would love to learn every kind of dance out there! Someday, I hope to be a breakdancer and a white girl rapper... because I think that would be badass. 
Summer 2013 I quit my jobs and took off in a 1978 Buick Century Station Wagon with my best friend and her brother. We made a big nest of pillows and blankets in the back of the wagon and strapped our belonging to the roof. 
Ashland Wisconsin was our first destination. By the time we got there the car was acting up pretty bad- after digging around in the engine for a little while we realized we had driven the entire trip with the oil completely dry. So ended the wagon's life. Mistakes... we learn. 
After a couple weeks of camping out in the car I kind of ditched my traveling companions for a job opportunity an hour south of Ashland in Hayward Wisconsin. 
I worked as kitchen staff at a summer camp for boys... the experience, the friends I made there, everything..was so amazing I ended up staying until camp closed 7 weeks latter. 
The camp provided a bus ticket home to Michigan, so I rode the Greyhound for a long 24 hours before pulling back into my town. 
I am back at my previous job as a waitress and cook at Zakey Middle Eastern Cuisine right in downtown Traverse City. I have my own little place and plan on staying here for a bit before opportunity strikes again. 
It's a little confusing right now... not sure what I want, not sure who I want to be, not sure of where to go, what to do. 
There are things I am doing in my life...choices that I'm not thrilled about but don't exactly want to change- yet anyway. 
Moment by moment....it's the only way to survive right now.

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